Meet the Staff

Meet the individuals that work hard everyday to make LivingTheVanLife possible and help it run smoothly!

Name: Kelsey
Jobs: Founder, Editor, Interviewer, Writer, Photographer, Social Media, Driver
Education: Media Studies Major with an Emphasis in Public Relations and a Minor in Business Administration

Name: Marisa
Jobs: Videographer, Assistant, Navigator/Backseat Driver
Occupation: Breeding and Showing Rabbits (Owner of CandleLight Rabbitry)

Name: Todd
Jobs: Videographer, Carrier of Gear, Keeping Everyone Awake During Long Drives
Hobbies: Helping Marisa with CandleLight Rabbitry

Name: Valerie
Jobs: Assistant, Snack Passer Outer
Education: Majoring in Special Education

Name: Debbie
Jobs: Videographer, Assistant, Snack Provider
Hobbies: Baking really good food