Crystal Ignite Interview

1. Welcome to LivingTheVanLife! For those who may not know you, can you state your name and talk a bit about what you do?
Hey! I am Crystal Ignite, I was formerly the singer of Australian rock band Bellusira, I am now doing my own project under my name with a 5 piece band.

2. In three words, how would you describe your music?
Emotive, Intense, Inter-dimensional

3. Last month you released your single, “Everything You Break,” how has the response been since its release?
The response has been amazing, a lot of people are saying it’s the best work I have done yet. It’s amazing to think that I started writing this song in LA on a keyboard juggling homelessness and the loss of my last band…. it’s so amazing how life transforms!

4. Talk a bit about what the song is about.
The song is a break up song about love gone wrong, I think its something anyone and everyone can relate to, its about heartache and heart break and how you can be taken off your path if you don’t make the right choices…. it is so important to surround yourself in positivity and good energy and that for me is the ultimate meaning I want to push out there.

5. Ben Moody of Evanescence is featured on guitar for this track, what was it like working with him and what did it mean to you?
Ben Moody is a musical genius, what he did to my track was add an element I could have never envisioned myself and that is the joy of working with other talented musicians, they bring a flavor that’s unique to them that only they could add to the mix. It is truly one of the greatest honors of my career so far. The breaking Evanesence album Ben wrote was extremely influential on me as I was entering the live circuit in Australia…. I’m still blown away by it all to be honest.

Kuta fav6. You are currently working on your EP, how would you compare this song to the other songs you have written?
I have written an entire album, although we will do an EP first, of the body of work I have been working on I would say it all ties in together. I have this vision for a tribal drum driven project, which covers genres spanned over Alt pop, Rock and Metal.

7. Looking at the rest of 2017, what should fans be on the lookout for?
I would have to say US tours, a crowdfunding campaign to get the EP complete and hopefully an EP release to boot!!! Will also be announcing the US line up soon too.

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?
YEsssss please support me and buy my new single “Everything You Break” featuring Ben Moody on iTunes, Google play and all good digital retailers!!! While you are at it please give my new Facebook page a like at


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