“Unbreakable: Our Story” – Music Video

As childhood friends, Athena Hiotis and Nina Themelis have teamed up to release their music video for “Unbreakable: Our Story.” The concept video highlights various women and their empowering stories. The stories from these diverse women include being proud to have gained weight to addiction victories to losing a spouse and fighting to change laws to protect others. The video is set to the song “Unbreakable” that was written by Athena and Ian Kaine MacGregor.

“The reason I was so excited to work on this project is because of how frequently our culture perpetuates the idea of women working in competition with one another. It was important to work on something with strangers, or mild acquaintances, where the unifying thread was how we empower ourselves and each other,” said Nina Themelis.

“We had one rule for them. They had to be positive in the syntax. Words like ‘can’t’, ‘don’t’, ‘I’m not’ were not allowed. They had to write their statements in an affirming way,” said Athena Hiotis.



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