CRYPT “Death Makes A Holiday” – Music Video

Louisiana alternative hardcore band CRYPT recently released their music video for their hard hitting single “Death Makes A Holiday.” Directed and shot by Alexander Breaux, the music video accompanies “Death Makes A Holiday” as it brings to life the nation’s dark past. Stepping away from the popular, never ending songs about ex-girlfriends, CRYPT breaks out of the mold to create a song that showcases how much things have changed from a time when death by public execution were almost made into a holiday, with people traveling from all over to witness the event.

“The dark reality of major events that took place in the past usually don’t show up in your textbooks. Death is so prevalent in history and we have been really intrigued by those events so we decided to write about them. Fuck writing about ex-girlfriends and sad shit. We just feel like that’s played out. This song and video are about the last public execution in the United States. It was such a major event, people traveled hundreds of miles to witness someone’s life end. I feel like if that had happened today it would be much different. We just want to show how times have changed in comparison to everything you consume on your phone and tv,” said CRYPT’s guitarist Andre Noel.

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