Jump for the Sails Interview

1. Welcome to LivingTheVanLife! For those who may not know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Kentaro: Drums & Back Up Vocals

2. If your band were to be trapped in a horror movie, what would each member’s role be and who in the band would make it to the sequel?
Hmm, this one’s a thinker, though I feel that we would all instinctively have great survival skills. The sequel will either star all of us, or none of us and be a complete knockoff.

3. In three words, how would you describe your band?
Funky-Punk Groove

4. You have recently released your debut album, Astoria, how would you describe this release?
It’s a collection of the stories we’ve lived and help write of our time in Astoria. A place where this band has a lot of history.

5. How does this release compare to your previous releases?
I can’t speak for Josh since this is his first time recording with us, though I’m definitely a lot happier with Astoria over the past couple EPs we’ve released previously. My favorite parts have to be all the gang vocals we implement in our songs.

6. If you had to choose one song off the album to show to someone listening to your music for the first time, which song would you pick?
I think it would have to be “X Marks The Spot.” It’s always been our biggest crowd favorite. The ending to it is also my favorite over the other tracks.

7. What was your best memory while writing/recording the album?
The recording process did take a while so there’s a bunch of memories to sift through haha. I’d probably say a tie between the car rides with all the random/funny shenanigans and conversations and recording the gang vocals parts.

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks for checking us out! Hope you all can make it to a gig sometime and hang out with us, we’re a friendly bunch.

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