Blind Revision Interview

1. Welcome to LivingTheVanLife! For those who may not know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Hey! I’m Jen Janet and I’m the vocalist for Blind Revision. I also play keyboard in a few of our songs.

2. If the band were to be trapped in a horror movie, what would each member’s role be and who in the band would make it to the sequel?
We would all survive the craziness of the first horror movie but in the sequel we would find out that Phil, our bassist, is the killer and he leads us into a giant blender and drinks us for extra protein.

3. In three words, how would you describe your music?
I would describe it as female fronted progressive rock (but I know that’s four words). 🙂

4. When fans come out to a live show, what should they expect?
They can expect some moody hard rock. Our band is also super goofy, so sometimes our guitarists will run around in the crowd making really silly faces at people. There’s also a song we play toward the end of our set where we “die” and all fall to the ground still playing our instruments. It’s a song about the end of the world, so it’s fitting. In general, we try to put on a good show and keep things interesting.

5. You released your EP, Fight or Flight, back in 2015, how would you sum up the EP?
The Fight or Flight EP is about overcoming obstacles, whether those be family/relationship issues, political issues or emotional issues. The phrase fight or flight refers to the biological fight or flight response, in which someone’s survival is threatened. The person (or other animal) must make a split second decision to stay and fight or run away from the stressor. A lot of our songs deal with psychological or biological issues. Musically, the EP has something for everyone. The first song is more metal-oriented. The other songs are a bit more “mainstream” and have catchy choruses as well as proggy guitar verses.

6. If you had to recommend one song off the EP to someone who may be hearing your music for the first time, which song would you pick? Why?
That depends, but people seem to love the title track “Fight or Flight.” It has a pretty harsh, metal sounding beginning and end. There is a slower part in the middle that is very vulnerable and beautiful, so perhaps there’s something for everyone in that song.

7. What was your best memory while writing/recording the EP?
It feels like we recorded Fight or Flight so long ago. I’ll share a fun memory from recording our upcoming EP Of White and Grey. Our guitarist Kirk had a party at his house one night, and we invited a few people from different bands in the New England music scene. We ended up jamming all night. We had some rough demos from the Of White and Grey EP and we played them and got feedback from everybody. It was really fun.

8. Looking ahead to the rest of 2017, what should fans be on the lookout for?
We are going to release the new EP very soon, and it will be a concept EP. Each song represents a different lobe of the brain, and different “demons” the main character must face in their personal life. We will also be planning a music video. In mid-May we will be going on an east coast tour to Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Massachusetts as well. We are quite busy!

10. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?
We love interacting with people on social media, so give us a follow or send us a message! It’s also the best way to keep up with what we are doing, and where we are playing shows. We update everything a few times a week.
For Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we are @BlindRevision.


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