Wildcliffe “Shelf Life” – Single

The hard rock band Wildcliffe have released their latest single, “Shelf Life,” which you can listen to below! “Shelf Life” was recorded at Cue Recording Studios and engineered by Sean Russell.

Wildcliffe’s “Shelf Life,” tells a tale through a narrator’s perspective of an old drunkard. Although it is too late for the old man with “one hand on the bottle and a foot in the grave,” the song delivers a realization and reminder to the narrator as well as the listener that life is short or in other words our ‘shelf life’ is precious.

In the beginning, “Shelf Life” has a feel that reminded me of the reading of an old fable or fairytale storybook. The song builds and flows much like the plot of a story, growing in intensity and emotion as the narrator uncovers the realization of life being too short. Soon after this realization is made, the song slows down and begs the question, “are you chasing dreams?” Finally, the song builds back up only to resolve and fade away as it concludes with the lesson having been learned by the narrator.

Overall, I really enjoyed the song and look forward to hearing more from Wildcliffe! Be sure to listen to “Shelf Life” at the link above and comment down below and let us know what you think!

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