Out With The Old Release “Fast Track Addict”

They’re back! We are excited to announce that one of our favorite bands, Out With The Old, an alternative rock band from California, have resurfaced with a new line up. The new lineup consists of Matt Skajem, Nathan Oaks, and Jon Benward. Prior to disbanding, the band featured a pop-punk sound, but have reemerged with an experimental, alternative rock feel. Last week they released their upbeat, vibey (that’s a word, right?) single “Fast Track Addict” that you can listen to below!

We had originally heard the track during Matt Skajem’s November tour with Farewell, My Love and were super excited that it had been released as the band’s first single in two years. With its catchy beat, “Fast Track Addict” will surely have the listener grooving along upon the first listen. Skajem’s raw, honest vocals blend together with the instrumentals with ease, flawlessly threading together a perfect recipe of alternative, indie and a little dash of something else we have not quite put our finger on yet. We cannot help but to picture this being performed in any venue or playing while driving down the road during one of our many road trips!

The band’s debut album is not due out until later in 2017, but we are already anxiously awaiting its release! Until then, be sure to check out “Fast Track Addict” and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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