Civil Youth “Dark Debts” – Music Video

Philadelphia alternative rockers, Civil Youth, return and make a stand with the release of their latest music video and single, “Dark Debts.” Unveiled on MySpace, “Dark Debts” is the second single off the band’s album entitled Conversations that is set to be debuted in May. Following their first single, “Beliefs,” “Dark Debts” further demonstrates the band’s genre bending abilities. With a dreamlike feel and video, the single tells of the emotions faced when battling one’s inner demons in its blend of rock, hip-hop, and pop.

“It’s a crushing reality when these dark nights are spent alone. ‘Dark Debts’ is the 2nd of 3 singles we’re releasing before our album, Conversations drops on May 19th. This song really personifies the whole concept of the record. For the music video, directed by Eric Griffin, we wanted to personify the metaphor of fighting inner demons and struggling with your own self – Hence the climax of the video where ‘Dream Mike’ is having a conversation with the ‘Real Mike.’ Of course we wanted to make it a light hearted too and for the first time really ever for Civil Youth, we’re “performing” in the video, which was fun” said Civil Youth’s vocalist Michael Kepko.

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