Korean Fire Drill “SpidaRackNeeAHH” – Lyric Video

California’s Korean Fire Drill is back with their latest release “SpidaRackNeeAHH,” which you can listen to below! “SpidaRackNeeAHH” is off the comedy/hard rock band’s new album More Badass Than Half Ass.

“It was a cold winter night when KFD got together to write this song, and little did they know what this eve had to hold. No jam seemed to stick or pass the 3 take rule, and at this point the band didn’t know what to do. As lightening struck the tin roof some movement began at the ceiling line. It was spiders crawling out from a crack. Down they dropped onto Matt’s bass and started to show him a tasty lick. It was a riff unlike the band had ever heard and within moments their creative block began to pass. From this point on KFD created an alliance with the Spiders and dedicated a song to their existance in the hope that people would understand… Spiders have feelings too” said Korean Fire Drill’s vocalist LydVish.

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