Tanner Allen of Youth in Revolt Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
I’m Tanner Allen, I sing.

2. If your band were to be trapped in a horror movie, what would each member’s role be and who in the band would make it to the sequel?
Hahaha I like this.
Kenny gets grumpy when he’s hungry, so assuming we have a shortage of food, Kenny would probably start eating the zombies after awhile, which could make him a pretty useful team member. I feel like it’s pretty unhealthy to eat zombies though, so I doubt he’d make it to the sequel. R.I.P. Kenny (sorry dude)

Arvin has this really small dog Zoey, but I’ve seen her get brutal when strangers knock at the door so if she’s with Arvin, I think she could take out some zombies. I’m picturing Arvin just getting pulled dogsled style with Zoey in the front plowing through zombies. That being said, I think Arvin would survive for round 2. Congrats Vinny.

Chris would make it, I don’t know how, but he’d make it. He’s fearless, he does this thing to check his guitar strap that’s terrifying and if it failed, it would for sure smash the guitar. I also think that he’d be the least likely to screw someone over for food or supplies for himself. I would want Chris to be the leader, he’s a majestic beacon of hope in a dreary zombie filled world. Hats off to you Chris.

Alex would be that guy making jokes and keeping spirits high. I’ve never seen that dude without a smile on his face. I’m not sure if he’d make it or not, but he’d at least have a good run. Plus his Dad and brother are both police officers, so he could supply the weapons and we could trade some for food. He’d be a good guy to have around for sure. Thanks for the the guns Alex.

I’d be that guy with a really long thought out plan that’s honestly not that good, and it wouldn’t work, and I’d die. R.I.P. me

3. How would you describe your band to those who may be hearing about you for the first time?
We’re a rock band with sharp edges! We’re mostly singing with a good blend of screaming added in, and a pretty diverse mix of Rock, Pop, and Heavy style!

For fans of stuff like Sleeping With Sirens/Pierce The Veil/Conditions/Circa Survive

4. You recently released “Not Giving Up,” can you talk about the song a bit?
“Not Giving Up” is a song about a friend passing away that you weren’t on the best of terms with. It’s a really emotional song, but also one of the heavier songs on the record.

5. Why did you choose this song to be the second one released from your upcoming album?
We wanted to release it second because we felt like it was a good representation of our record. We released “The Broken” first and wanted to put out something a bit heavier!

6. Your album, The Broken, is set to be released in January, how would you describe the album as a whole?
We wanted this record to showcase what we have to offer as a band, so we tried to keep it diverse. We want listeners to get a little bit of a different vibe every few songs! Every song sounds like Youth In Revolt, but different enough to keep it interesting.

7. Is there a certain song that you are most excited for fans to hear?
“Alright” in my opinion. It’s almost a straight pop song so I’m really excited to see the response!

8. If you had to choose one song off the album to show to someone looking to listen to your band for the first time, which song would you pick?
Either “Noise” or “Not Giving Up” I think. They both do a really good job at showing a mix of what we have to offer. Plus, they’re two of my favorites from the record.

9. Was there a certain moment while writing/recording the album that stands out to you the most as either your favorite or the most memorable?
Recording vocals with Josh Buckner and Nick Matzkows. We had so much to do in not that much time, so we worked like 14 hours a day for a week and a half or so. It was the toughest and most gratifying thing that I’ve ever done in music.

10. Is there anything else that you would like to say about the album or one of your songs that you have not yet said?
Not really! More-so that I just can’t wait to finally get it out so it can speak for itself!

11. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to our readers?
Thanks for having me! I really hope that you guys take the time to listen to our record AND I hope you end up liking it as much as we do. We’re really proud of this record.


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