Thieves Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Nathan, I play bass and do backup vocals.
Billy: Billy, I sing and play guitar.

2. If your band were to be trapped in a horror movie, what would each member’s role be and who in the band would make it to the sequel?
Billy would probably have a plan that we would try to stick to. Skiles would become apathetic and give up early. I would probably follow Skiles into the darkness. Billy would be in the sequel, trying to bring Skiles and I back from the dead.

3. On Nov. 25, you released your LP No Motive through Revival Recordings, what should fans expect when they listen to it for the first time?
Fans should expect high energy anthemic music to listen to through any point in their lives.
Billy: Anyone who listens should just expect to hear ten high energy rock songs. We really tried to pack as much as possible into these 31 minutes while also keeping the tone consistent. You can still hear the pop punk influence, but this album is much darker than anything we’ve ever done. There’s some slower songs, but no ballads. I think if anyone that enjoys rock music listens to all ten of these songs, they’ll find something they can vibe on.

4. How do you feel this album and the songs on it compares to your prior releases?
With every release, we inch closer and closer to what we feel is THE Thieves sound we’ve been striving for over the years as a band. This is the best representation we’ve honed to date.
Billy: This is the best collection of songs I’ve ever written, hands down. I can’t say that idea will translate to fans, although I hope it does. Our older releases were more spastic, faster, and more schizophrenic. It was experimental pop punk core or something. I don’t even know what we were before, but I can say that with our last release, Colorchange, we really tried to bring our sound into focus. We took a step back to really assess our style and what we were trying to say and do with our music. On No Motive we did our best to bring back the energy of our original material, while keeping the new sense of focus we found with Colorchange.

5. Is there a certain song that you are most excited for fans to hear?
Nathan: One of our favorite songs on the record is “Pulse.” All of No Motive jams though.
Billy: I was most excited for people to hear “Drag Me Into Light,” because I knew it would be the first new music people would hear from us in years. I’m most excited for our fans and friends to hear the title track, “No Motive.” The concept behind “No Motive” is basically a big middle finger to anyone who uses music as a platform to get money, sex, or fame. Even at the bottom of the totem pole, we’ve met plenty of scumbags who tried to, or successfully used us as stepping stones to get those things. This song is a promise to ourselves, and our fans that our music will always be, at the very least, honest, and created purely out of the cathartic desire to create art. Thieves will never write some lame shit to sell records.

6. If you had to pick one song from the album to show to someone looking to check out your band, which song would you choose? Why?
Nathan: Probably “5748,” “No Motive” or “Fade.” Every part of those songs is representative of what we’re capable of as a band. Each of those tracks is driving and high energy, which is something we really pride ourselves on. More importantly, I’d insist they come check out a show and see us play these songs live.
Billy: I’d go with “Drag Me Into Light,” because I think it does the best job of capturing everything we enjoy doing with our songs. It’s upbeat from start to finish, has a fun little breakdown where Chris gets to jam a quick solo, and the chorus is one of my favorites. The lyrics in general on this album really sum up a lot of how I and I think my band mates see the world. If you’re a realist…things seem very grim, but that’s even more reason to appreciate the details in life’s better moments.

7. Was there a moment while writing or recording the album that stands out to you as the most memorable or your favorite?
I think we had close to 25 song ideas for this record. Demoing all the ideas and narrowing them down to the final ten was a lot of fun and helped us grow as a band and as writing partners. As for the recording of No Motive, we only kept the drums and vocals from our month spent in Fremont, CA, and we’ve tried to forget that studio since the day we left.
Billy: Yeah, mine take’s a bit of back story though. We’ve had several drummers over the years, and all of them fill in from time to time, but the drummer who played on this album was Max. We met Max years ago when we toured through his hometown in Louisiana. We played with his band and he bought a bunch of merch and we all hit it off. We’d talk to him from time to time, but he was never in our band, he was always a friend, and he would argue, a fan. The first tattoo he ever got was the cover artwork for our Achiever EP. Basically, this dude was the THE superfan. When it came time to record No Motive, we didn’t have a drummer who could go out to California with us. Max had filled in on one show for us last minute a year before, and we asked him if he’d want to record with us. He said yes, and a couple months later we were in California recording. We had narrowed the album down to ten songs. Nine of them were solid, but we really wanted to try and write something new in the studio. Max showed us a few chords he’d been working on. They sounded like an older style Thieves song, but we all jammed on the idea so much that we fell in love with it. That idea became “5748.” To me, that story is just way too cool. We met Max as a fan, he loved our band enough to cover his shoulder in our artwork, he played on our album, and then last minute, the day before we record, he contributes the tenth idea that completed the album. It’s like if someone got invited into a production meeting of their favorite TV show, and then pitched a hit script that actually made it to the air. That’s amazing!

8. Is there anything else that you would like to add about No Motive that you have not yet said?
Nathan: This is just the beginning. You’ve been warned.
Billy: It’s hard to really get the point unless you listen to it with the volume up.

9. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything the you would like to say to those reading this?
Nah, we coo.
Billy: If you like these songs, please show them to your friends. I wrote these lyrics in hopes that people in similar mindsets might find comfort remembering they are not alone. We hope you’ll make it out to a show so we can show you the energy that accompanies these songs. Be excellent to each other.


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