Aleko Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself?
Well, I am Aleko. My full name is Alexandros Doukopoulos, but I’ve gone by Aleko my entire life. Started with my parents as a kid, and it kind of just went on from there as opposed to being called Alex. I’m an artist and a student in life, and my work is my story, so what could be summed up here is spread and told throughout my songs.

2. How would you describe your music to those who may be checking you out for the first time?
Genre wise I’ve got a lot of pop and indie influence, huge R&B influence, and enough of a folk influence on my guitar playing that it all sums up to being Americana. My music is meant for anyone and everyone to relate to, because no matter what, there are core issues which we all encounter in life. The ones that I write about, sing about, and convey through my songs are meant to break through whatever barriers separate me from my listeners so they never feel alone.

3. Your recently released your single “Waiting,” how would you describe the song?
This song is a huge step for me because it is branching away from my first release, the Amity EP. The song itself is a story, going through the motions and perspectives which two people have with regards to both life and love. The song itself is an endless question, and the lyrics “Where do we go from here?” are where the two perspectives I sing about can relate.

4. Is there anything that you hope listeners take away from “Waiting?”
Don’t feel the need to chase every little thing in life. If it’s your goals, dreams, and aspirations, then you have every right to do so. But, when it comes to things like loving someone? Don’t feel obligated to be with anyone and don’t just lend yourself out to the first person that gives you their attention. Wait patiently, go with the flow, and you’ll get there with that one person you’re waiting for.

5. How were the recording/writing processes for “Waiting?” Were there any moments that stand out to you the most, perhaps as the most memorable?
The writing process was easy for me, because I took a step back and took into consideration the backseat perspective I had on watching people I’ve known all my life. Remembering their issues that they’ve vented to me, as well as my own, and just compiling it together into these lyrics and feelings.

The recording process was the most memorable experience for me, and it always is the case, because I was fortunate enough to work with someone who really connects with both my sound and approach to music. I recorded with Trevor Leonard from Punchline, and he was a monumental help with producing and formulating this song. I always remember the words and the opinions that someone recording me had and I take that into consideration with not only the song I’m recording but the future material I write.

6. Is there anything else that you would like to say about “Waiting” that you have not yet said?
Really, I like for my songs to speak for themselves and while I have a message that I want to be conveyed through “Waiting,” you never know what others will take from it. That, in my opinion, is an amazing thing because if someone can connect with that song, regardless of their individual situation, then I feel accomplished knowing that I’ve done something.

But, all I can really think of is to ask that if anyone has yet to listen to it then to please do so. I do this for all listeners, not just myself.

7. What should fans be on the lookout for going into 2017?
I will positively have a lot more for my fans and listeners in 2017 and I don’t intend to slow down from here. Just keep your eyes and ears open for what’s to come, and feel free to connect with me regarding any of my work. You can keep up with me on my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud. I’m up on Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Music, and iTunes for your listening convenience.

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say those reading?
Thank you so much for having me, it means a lot! I’ve really said it all already, but I owe a huge thank you to my audience whether you’re a listener or you’re reading this and finding me for the first time. I can’t make this a full career by just sitting in my room hoarding all my songs, so it’s all of you that make it for me and give me the ambition to chase everything. Thank you!


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