Boat Race Weekend “Broken Teeth” – Music Video

PHOTO CREDIT: Eddie Legaspi

Boat Race Weekend has released the music video for their single “Broken Teeth,” which is off of their brand new EP, titled Throw Your Head to the World. In addition to producing the EP, Dawson Scholz of The Ongoing Concept also directed and produced the music video for “Broken Teeth.”

Overall, the single is emotional, yet encouraging. From start to end, the listener is taken on an emotional filled journey that offers encouraging inspiration to stay positive and to keep pushing on, with lines such as: “promise me, darling, that you won’t be afraid to eat, and you won’t be afraid to smile despite a mouthful of broken teeth.”

“I’ve always loved seeing classical forms of dancing in music videos,” said Boat Race Weekend’s drummer Jay Orth. “A few years back, I saw a video for Godwolf’s “Alone” and I thought it was just the coolest video. Later, Gaslight Anthem came out with a great video with dancing all throughout it. I saw how more traditional dancing was being incorporated into genres like EDM and rock and always wanted to do a video where we included it. I just thought of it as a really cool art project- dancing, music, and video.”

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