As Thick As Thieves Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Nate Butcher – vocals
Kenny Barton – guitar
Zachary Banks – guitar
Ryan Mabee – drums and vocals
Ryan Robles – bass guitar
2. If your band was trapped in a horror movie, what would each member’s role be and who in the band would make it to the sequel?
Haha! This is the strangest question  of any interview! We’d all be screwed! Hopefully Nate would be resourceful enough to figure out a plan, Kenny and Zach would put that plan into motion, Ryan Mabee would stand guard with his guns and Ryan Robles would stand around and make fun of us. No sequel for sure. Hahaha!
3. Describe your band in 3 words.
Raw American rock.
Cover Art 'Whiskey Bent'4. You currently have your EP Whiskey Bent out, why do you feel someone reading this interview should pick up a copy and check it out?
Whiskey Bent is definitely a short and sweet powerhouse little EP with lyrics that anyone can relate to. We haven’t shown it to someone who hasn’t enjoyed it yet.
5. Overall, how would you describe the release and the response that you have gotten so far?
The release exceeded our expectations so far and we feel that once we start touring, our numbers will improve even more. We definitely make an impression with our live show and feel that that’s how we will gain the most ground.
6. If you had to choose one song off of the EP to show to someone listening to your band for the first time, which song would you show to them? Why?
We all have our favorites, but I definitely depends on who we are showing it to. If we want to give someone an overall idea of our sound, the song “Straight to Hell” sums it up pretty well. If we wanted to connect to someone on a more emotional level, we’d probably have them listen to our song “Something to Save Us”.
7. Is there anything else that you would like to say about the EP that you have not?
Yes, Whiskey Bent is a Rock and Roll journey through emotions. Whether it be anger, desire, sadness or hope, there is something that everyone will connect with. Raw emotion is something we all share and this is our way of sharing it.
8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to the people reading this?
Thank you! And yes, please download or stream Whiskey Bent online everywhere now!

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