Jake Clasen of Alteras Interview

COVER PHOTO CREDIT: Michele Dulay at Aspire | Immerse

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
My name is Jake Clasen and I’m the vocalist of Alteras.

2. How would you describe your band to those checking you out for the first time?
I’d say that it’s actually really hard to describe our sound, but that we hit genres like rock, alternative, and metal. I’d suggest that the most certain way to know our band’s sound is by having a listen to our music!

3. Your album Grief was released Aug. 5 through Revival Recordings, how would you sum up the release?
It’s been a long ride, but an exciting and stellar one. I truly cannot wait for Grief to reach out to as many individuals as it possibly can.

Grief_Cover4. If you had to choose one song off of the album to show to someone, which song would you choose? Why?
I’d probably choose “Could Ever Love,” not only because it’s a song close to myself, but because it is probably the most radio-friendly song and has the best chance to appeal to any audience.

5. Does the album title at all play into any overall themes of either individual songs or the release as a whole?
Absolutely, Grief is conceptual and follows the emotions surrounding the action itself. The album is a summary of the roller coaster ride through the stages.

6. What song off of the release stands out to you as your favorite? Why?
I really love performing “Broke” so it stands out a lot to me. It has a certain shock factor to it that makes the audience, the band, and myself erupt in the moment. It’s fantastic.

7. Is there anything else that you wish to say about Grief that you have not?
It’s an album for anyone and everyone, I truly believe there is a song on it for any type of listener.

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to the people reading this?
Thank you so much for the opportunity and thank you for reading this interview and being a part of this amazing journey we are on. Please listen to Grief and share it with everyone!

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