Love Angeles “The Hero In Me” – Album Review

Pop singer/songwriter David Wilson has released his album entitled The Hero In Me through his solo project, Love Angeles. From the first notes of the first song, “Edge Of The World,” The Hero In Me had my attention until the very end.

The first song, “Edge Of The World,” was quick to become my favorite. From the very beginning, I was able to get into the song as well as make a connection with it. As a whole, the song is catchy, but also contains powerful lyrics that tell about the lengths one will go for the one that they love. This becomes especially true through the lines: “I would go to the edge of the world/to see your face and feel your heart beat/and nothing would stop me.” Overall, the lyrics of “Edge Of The World” are sung with raw and powerful emotion that quickly allowed me to connect with the song, making it easy for me to picture the song being performed at any venue.

As “Edge Of The World” comes to an end, the album smoothly transitions into the next song, “Maybe.” In no time, “Maybe” had me singing along and picturing this song being played during the blog’s next road trip!

“Wonder Woman” comes into the picture after “Maybe” going almost unnoticed. As the song progresses, “Wonder Woman” ramps up the overall energy of the album through its upbeat tempo. This produces a fun song with a strong pop feel that will have the listener up and dancing in no time!

Proceeding “Wonder Woman” is the song “Headlock.” “Headlock” takes a step back from the momentum that is created through “Wonder Woman” while still subtly maintaining the upbeat energy, keeping it just under the surface and laced within the instrumentals. “Headlock,” much like “Edge Of The World,” evokes raw emotion through the vocals, drawing in the listener through an emotional connection that this establishes.

The fifth song, “Juggernaut,” seems to take a different approach musically than the other songs have taken. As the song progresses a strong and powerful feel begins to build up, creating a sound of its own that is perhaps best captured through the vocals. Through the vocals and their delivery, a sense of power is created and builds throughout the song. This progression aids in seizing the definition of juggernaut, which is basically a huge or powerful force, much like the lyrics and power within the vocals suggest. “Juggernaut” gives the listener an opportunity to hear another side of Love Angeles, while still maintain the upbeat, pop feel that the other songs contain. This underlying upbeat, pop feel continues into the last song.

“Run” seemed to combine subtle elements that are contained within the songs before it, creating a sense of familiarity. Through this, “Run” seems like the perfect fit to me as the song that brings the album to an end and does so on a high note. Lastly, “Run” brings the album to a close with the memorable and heartfelt lines: “You’re always in my heart/so don’t look back, just run.”

After listening to the album, The Hero In Me, I can honestly say that I can easily picture each of these songs being played in some of the biggest venues across the United States and maybe even the globe. Overall, I felt that the entire album was well written and really worked to showcase Wilson’s abilities as an artist. I would highly recommend that you check out this album and let me know what you think!


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