Death Koolaid “Kids” – Music Video

A few months back we featured a music video entitled “Emmeline” that was released by the hardcore/punk rock band Death Koolaid. Recently, Death Koolaid released a new music video for their song “Kids,” which like “Emmeline” is off of their upcoming album Vol. 2. “Kids” originally premiered on and was directed by Brendan Cleaves and filmed by Heath McWalters.

“We wanted to make a video that was conceptually simple, but with a strong message – although we were keen not to completely spell it out for people. We try to make our videos as interesting as possible and this one is definitely our most out-there ideas; a bunch of terrified and bewildered children running away from what appears to be a backstreet place of worship. It’s basically a direct translation of our band’s philosophy, caricaturing the power of ideology, fear, and control.” – Death Koolaid

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