Dear Dreamer “Dear Dreamer” – Album Review

Album Art by Rebecca Mair (4% Milk)

La Crosse, Wisconsin’s pop singer/songwriter Dear Dreamer has released his self-titled album Dear Dreamer. Recorded by Carl Lodoen, the release also includes additional vocals (tracks 2, 4, 6, 7), synths (track 1), guitar (track 4), and a song performed by Dylan Harris (track 6).

The first song, “Sophomore Slump” effortlessly transitions into the next song “Moon & Sun.” Together, I felt that the two songs worked in a way to sort of set and create the overall tone and feel for the rest of the album.

Dear Dreamer - Dear Dreamer - cover“Moon & Sun” was quick to become one of my favorite songs off of the album. The song as a whole was easy to get into and I soon found myself singing along after listening to it a few times. Right away it becomes very apparent that it is a heartfelt love song written for someone very special. In addition to being the second song, the unplugged version of “Moon & Sun” can also be heard as the last song, track 7.

Perhaps the catchiest song off of the album is “Nerf This!” Like many of the songs off of the album, the lyrics were quick to get stuck in my head and “Nerf This!” was no exception. Not only did the lyrics get stuck in my head, but so did the instrumentals and they’re rhythm.

“Summer Is Over” opens with a repetitive rhythm played on the synth. Throughout the rest of the song, those same notes from the beginning and the same or similar rhythm can be heard, creating a sense of familiarity. This sense of familiarity that the listener has since the very beginning grown so used to takes a sudden halt just before the song comes to an end and is soon followed by the conclusion of the song, much like the end of summer.

In addition to “Moon & Sun,” “Make You Proud,” was also a favorite of mine as it takes a momentary step back from the upbeat energy that has been created in the songs before it. “Make You Proud” seems to take on a strong sentimental feel that effortlessly creates a song that the listener can relate their own experiences to. The song demonstrates Dear Dreamer’s depth as an artist by showing another side to him musically and showcasing his artistic abilities in a new light.

The bonus song on the album is “Clichés” and is written and performed by Last Chance Avenue (Dylan Harris). Although song by Harris, the song flawlessly blends into the album, while adding another dynamic through Harris’ own sound and talent. The upbeat drive that is possessed in the songs prior is still contained in this song, while also creating a whole new feel to the album.

Overall, I really enjoyed the album and would highly encourage those thinking about checking it out, to do so! (You can check out the album here.) In addition, I would also encourage you to catch a show if you are ever in the area. We interviewed Dear Dreamer a few months back and have seen them play a couple of times and they are truly talented individuals. We look forward to hearing more from Dear Dreamer in the future and hope you enjoy their new album!


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