DARKH “Bury Our Bones” – Music Video

“Bury Our Bones” is the newest music video from the hard rock/metal band DARKH! In addition, the single is also the first release from the bands upcoming A Story Yet Untold album that is due out at the end of September.

It was pretty obvious before “Bury Our Bones” was even finished that it would be the first single off the album. Individuals whose interests and lifestyles are different from the vast majority will understand, because B.O.B underlines how powerful and encouraging it is to be among people who get it. – DARKH!

Tour Dates-
08/12 @ Aqua Fortis MC Hjørring, Denmark
08/13 @ OpenAir – Kraselov, Czech Republic
09/02 @ Paranoir Kemp – Sulice, Czech Republic
09/28 @ Pub Anchor – Norrmalm, Sweden
10/13 @ Melodka – Brno, Czech Republic
10/21 @ Rock Cafe – Prague, Czech Republic
11/05 @ MeriRock Vol. 9 – Helsinki, Finland

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