Top 10 Things to Bring to Warped Tour

After the LivingTheVanLife team headed out to a handful of Warped Tour dates over the weekend, we decided to put together our top ten list of items that we found helpful during our Warped adventure!

  1. Water Bottle-Let’s face it, Warped Tour gets hot and it is essential to stay hydrated. No one wants to spend their day at the medical tent because of dehydration or heat exhaustion. Thanks to the Cool Gear’s Water Hydration Stations, you can get your water bottle refilled for free throughout the day! (We recommend finding time to refill your water bottle every two to three hours, as that is how quickly you should be drinking water.)
  2. Extra Caps/Lids-If you bring a disposable water bottle or if you bring a reusable one and have extra caps/lids lying around, bring them! If you end up dropping your cap/lid or it gets dirty throughout the day, you will have a few extras that are clean and can be used as backups. (Be sure to pick up whatever you drop!) We seriously cannot stress how often this has come in handy!
  3. Money-While you will likely be tempted to spend it all on merch from your favorite bands, be sure to set $15-20 aside to purchase food throughout the day. While you can bring a small snack in with you, it will not be enough to last you all day. In order to fight dehydration and heat exhaustion, it is important to not only stay hydrated, but to also eat throughout the day.
  4. Small Snack-Warped Tour does allow you to bring in a small snack for the day and that is something that you should definitely take advantage of, especially in the case you do end up spending all of your money on band merch. This also allows you something to munch on when food lines get too long and you really want to catch your favorite band and satisfy your hungry and tired body. Lines for food can get long as the day goes on, so pack a snack to munch on while you wait in line…sure you will get some glares from hungry concert goers, but it will help you be a bit more patient while waiting.
  5. Plastic Bags and Freezer Sized Bags-If it rains or if you are going to be spending time by the misting station or slip and slide, you will not want your phone and other electronics you may bring getting wet. If it starts raining, you can easily slip your bag into a plastic bag and keep your belongings from getting soaked. We also find that by keeping your phone in a freezer/sandwich sized bag and safely tucked in your backpack, prevents you from using your phone when you do not need it, preserving your battery for when you truly need it!
  6. Phone Charger-This is great if you can find a place to charge your phone at Warped (we recommend keeping it in a bag as we suggested prior) or for after the show if you stop for food, gas, or at a rest stop and they have an available outlet. It may also be a good idea to keep a charger that works in your vehicle as there is nothing worse than being lost and everyone you are with has a dead or almost dead phone (we are speaking from experience of course).
  7. Pen/Sharpie-Bring a pen or sharpie with you for those times you meet your favorite band member and they do not have one with them. You can also bring extras so that you can hand them out to others as needed. (One of the most common things we hear at concerts is: “Does anyone have a sharpie?”)
  8. Small Notepad-This is perfect for writing down set times you do not want to miss and signing times for the bands you want to meet. It also acts as a convenient item to have band members sign if you are in a pinch, especially if you are waiting in line to meet your favorite band and realize you have nothing for them to sign! Also, if in the event that Warped is delayed for a period of time due to the weather, you and your friends have some paper to keep you entertained! (May we suggest a few rounds of MASH, Dots, or Tic Tac Toe!)
  9. Extra Socks-While this item is probably the last thing on your mind when packing for Warped Tour, they can come in handy, even if you just leave them in your car for after the show. In the case of rain, if you spend a lot of time at the misting station or slip and slide, or if your feet get sweaty during the day (it’s okay to admit, everyone is probably having the same problem), it can be the best post concert feeling to put on a nice dry (and probably warm) pair of socks after a long day. This item is not really a necessity for Warped; we just really like dry socks during long drives home.
  10. Extra Shirt/Money to Buy Shirt-As we have said before, Warped gets hot and you get sweaty. If you are like us and have a long drive afterwards, it tends to be a lot more comfortable when you have another shirt to put on (and typically smells a bit better). In addition, you can help support the bands on the road by purchasing this extra shirt at the show, making it a win-win.

We hope you enjoyed our top ten list of things to bring to Warped Tour! If you have any other items that you would like to add to the list, be sure to comment them down below!


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