Roots Like Mountains Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Hey! I’m Nathan Alexander, Vocalist of Roots Like Mountains!

2. How would you describe your music to people checking you out for the first time?
I would describe us as a fusion of Aggressive Rock and NuMetalcore.

3. You are currently on tour with I Set My Friends On Fire, how has the tour been so far?
Tour is been AWESOME! ISMFOF are great dudes and being on their tour has been an absolute blast!

4. Has there been a moment on this tour that has stood out to you the most?
We played this insane show in Grand Rapids, MI at The Stache! You can see this live show on our Facebook page via a live video.

5. After this tour, you are heading out on The After Party Tour, what should people expect when they come out to one of the dates?
The After Party tour is a short US Mid East headliner. Expect to get wild with us and see incredible bands.

6. Since you will be touring a lot this summer, what are Roots Like Mountains’ top 5 must have items on tour?
We are touring all summer and it can get long and and at times uncomfortable. However we love every moment of being in the road. We did an interview with Digital Tour Bus on this same subject and had this to say.

1) Bring headphones. There are times when you want your own space or time alone. However on the road living in close quarters with other people and constantly being around people it’s very hard to be able to find that space when it’s needed. Being able to disappear in whatever you’re listening to is a huge help.

2) Bring just what you need and don’t overpack. On our very first tour we had no idea how to tour correctly and brought anything and everything you could possibly think of. We ended up with gigantic luggage bags and a whole bunch of extra stuff that we never even unpacked. Because of this it made the van and insane mess and made it much harder to maneuver and live in such a space. We were surprised to see that we only needed to bring about a carry-on bags worth of clothing and stuff for a lengthy tour.

3) Get a gym membership. Having a nationally known gym membership not only gives you the opportunity to work out and stay healthy. But, it also gives you the opportunity to shower whenever you want and a parking lot to sleep in if you’re unable to find somewhere else to be. Having a gym on the road is essential for health, personal hygiene, and much needed rest.

4) Have fun and get along. You get the opportunity to travel, meet incredible people, go to cool places, and see things that you have never been able to go see on your own time. Absolutely have fun doing it!

7. Aside from your upcoming tour, what is next for Roots Like Mountains?
We will be releasing a new single from our forthcoming record on 07/14/16 with a music video called “Dead Man”! Be sure to watch and share the video, then pick up the single on ITunes!

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to the people reading this?
Thanks for taking some time to get to know us and follow what we have been up to! Stay up to date with us on our social media!
Facebook: /rootlikemountains Instagram: @rootlikemountains
Twitter: @wearerlm
Youtube: /rootlikemountains


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