Shikobi “Here We Go Again”

Hard rockers Shikobi currently have released a single from their upcoming EP, which you can listen to below! Consisting of members Aaron Hession (Vocals), Luke Hession (Guitar/Vocals), Marco Barrientos (Bass) and Dylan Hayden (Drums), Shikobi is a band with great potential and with there release of, “Here We Go Again,” the band offers a sneak peak of their anticipated EP Pull The TriggerPull The Trigger is set to be released Sept. 23, 2016.

“Here We Go Again” starts off with a more hip-hop sound, before transitioning into a more hard rock feel with a hard rock attitude. As the song progresses, the energy that the song generates begins to build up until the very end when it the song finally comes to an end as it fades away.

“Here We Go Again” was quick to get stuck in my head and reminded me a lot of the band that we interviewed a few months ago called HotStop from Los Angeles. Overall, I really enjoyed “Here We Go Again” and am excited to hear the rest of the songs off of the EP when it is released.

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