Subject To Change “Call It What You Want” – Album Review

**Photo Credit (Thumbnail/Article Photo): Jessica Patrick-Hooper 

Subject To Change is a band that hails from Greensboro, North Carolina. Made up of high school aged members, the band currently has an EP entitled Call It What You Want available on their Bandcamp. For fans of Belmont and The Story So Far, Subject To Change is a band to check out.

Call It What You Want starts off with the song “2016.” This instrumental only song acts as the introduction to the EP, giving the listener a peak at what is to come, without giving too much away. Without missing a beat and almost going unnoticed, “2016” comes to an end as it seamlessly transitions into the next song.

IMG_3881.jpg“Mislead” follows the first song on the EP by packing a powerful punch. During this song, the vocals are added to the equation, inserting strong force that drives the EP along and further demonstrates the band’s sound and ability. From the very beginning of “Mislead,” Bailey Alley’s vocals blended effortlessly in with the instrumentals and helped the band to further stand out by adding a unique and different sound into the mix.

Following “Mislead” is the title track “Call It What You Want.” With this song, Subject To Change takes on a new sound, demonstrating the depths of their talent. In the beginning, “Call It What You Want” seems to take on a rockier feel, before transitioning through Alley’s vocals to a different pop punk sound than what is contained in the previous songs, but at the same time it still maintains the underlying rock feel within the instrumentals.

“All Things Between” starts out strong by taking and building on the momentum that has been built up through the previous songs. This song quickly became my favorite as it seemed to show a whole new side of the band as well as rapidly capturing my attention. I felt that vocally and lyrically “All Things Between” captured the raw and powerful emotion laced within the lyrics of the song, perhaps giving this song the most meaning.

The last song, “Change Never Changes,” closes the EP on a high note. “Change Never Changes” perhaps had the most pop punk feel and sound than any of the other songs and was quick to get stuck in my head. I felt that this song was the best song off of the EP to end on as it left me wanting more and excited to hear this band’s future releases.

As a whole Call It What You Want was an EP that left me wanting more and showcased Subject To Change’s talent. Be sure to pick up a copy the Call It What You Want EP and listen to it for yourself as I highly recommend that you check it out!


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