Shane Kelly (Cardigan Records) Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and what you do?
Sure, my name is Shane Kelly and I am the owner and operator of Cardigan Records.

2. How did Cardigan Records start?
I’ve been in the entertainment business in some fashion for my entire adult life. I’ve had thoughts of starting up a label for a few years but things really just came together organically. I heard about a couple of North Carolina rappers, Professor Toon and The Real Laww, who were making some noise and decided to catch a show. I felt there was something special there and after a conversation I became their manager. While planning out the next move I decided that we needed to put out some new music asap. The next thing you know I am putting together a label and the word got out and bands that I knew started sending me music that I felt needed to be heard. Three years and a few gray hairs later we are still alive and kicking.

cardiganfullsize_white.jpg3. This year marks the third anniversary for Cardigan Records, what does this anniversary mean to you?

This anniversary is motivation to me. We have seen our business grow each year and this has put us in the position to expand the company in a few areas. There is something very exciting and terrifying about building something from the ground up. I can’t wait to see where we are at on our 10th anniversary.

4. Looking ahead, where do you want to see Cardigan Records when it reaches its tenth anniversary?
Hmm…It’s hard for me to really say where I would want to see Cardigan at when we reach 10. The music business landscape is constantly changing. With that being said, I would like to see Cardigan not only adapt to the changes but find ways to thrive. I want Cardigan to be mentioned as an innovator among indie labels and start to make our foot print on the world of music.

5. What first catches your eye when looking at a prospective act to sign?
Good question…I think that the first thing varies from artist to artist. I think what really catches my eye first is that one thing they do really well. What is it that stands out and sets them apart from the plethora of music that is currently just a click away? I guess it would be more about that intangible feeling that they can create with either their art.

6. Greaver recently released their debut album, The Faun, through your label, what are your thoughts on their release?
I am really proud of The Faun. This was a very ambitious concept album from a young band. Honestly, I am not a fan of concept albums for the most part but I’ll have to make an exception here. I think Al Jacob at Warrior Sound did a great job on the album and really helped the band see their vision through. So far the reviews of the album have all been positive and they have received a good response from kids on their current tour with Youth League. So I guess my thoughts are…everyone should pick up the album today! lol

7. Cardigan Records has a handful of releases that are set for 2016-2017, what can you say about what is soon to come from these artists?
We have a very busy fall and winter coming up. We have a deluxe edition of Passed & Presence from Time Spent Driving coming out this fall with unreleased tracks.We also have sophomore releases on the label from Youth League and Bear Girl as well as a debut release from HundredftFaces (feat. members of To Speak Of Wolves, Sullivan & Unifier). We have a couple more releases that we will be announcing soon including one from a new signing that we are very excited about.

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to the people reading this?
Be kind to everything and everyone…and thank you for supporting independent music!


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  1. I knew Shane has always had the drive to make his dreams come true. His passion for music and his life experiences have propelled him to where he his today. Cardigan Records gives him the means to make his dreams come true and the dreams of other musicians to manifest into a tangible form to share with the world.


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