Even Chains “A Lot Like War” – Album Review

North Carolina band Even Chains will be releasing their album A Lot Like War on July 2 with presales being available soon.

IMG_2022.JPGEven Chains’ A Lot Like War starts off with the song “I’m Not Sorry.” “I’m Not Sorry” had a pop-punk feel to it that made me think of The Story So Far combined with Knuckle Puck, with a hint of Broadside. The part of the song that really seemed to stand out to me was the repetition of the line “I’m not sorry” and how it seemed to help the song not only stick in the listener’s mind, but also added to the overall emotional appeal that the song contains. Furthermore, the song is easy to relate to as it flawlessly laces the listener within its lyrics.

Following “I’m Not Sorry,” and taking a more alternative rock approach, was the song “Great White Buffalo.” As a whole this song seems to take on an anthematic tone towards the message that the band is trying to get across about that ‘one more thing’ in a relationship and the challenges of letting go. Much like the song prior, it is easy to relate to “Great White Buffalo” as it effortlessly makes the listener feel as if they are a part of the song.

Those interested in checking out the music video that the band released back in March for their song “Great White Buffalo” can do so below!

The third song off of A Lot Like War is “Astray.” Message wise and lyric wise, this song stays true to its name. “Astray” seems to slow things down a bit and show a softer side of Even Chains. Although a slower and softer song than the one’s prior, the song arguably contains a stronger intensity of emotion than the other songs, leaving a heavier impact emotionally on the listener. The next song, “Escape,” hits hard in contrast to “Astray” as it takes the EP in a new and different direction by adding a rockier feel into the mix as the EP pushes on.

“Cold Winter Air” slows the tempo back down, capturing a whirlwind of emotions in its wake. This whirlwind of emotions captivates the listener as the tempo speeds up, further increasing the intensity within the song. As “Cold Winter Air” breezes on in this whirlwind, it brings this new found intensity with it, only to have it soon reined back in and slowed down, eventually fading away.

IMG_2277.JPGUpon listing to “If I Go” for the first time, it immediately became my favorite song off of A Lot Like War. “If I Go” seems to introduce an entire new side of Even Chains. Showcasing the band in a new light and showing off the band’s talent, “If I Go” creates the perfect end to an amazing album and left me looking forward to hearing more from this band in the future.

As a whole, the EP was easy to get lost in as I quickly found myself listening to it over and over again. Overall, I really enjoyed A Lot Like War and would highly recommend that you pick up a copy for yourself when it comes out July 2! Until then, be sure to check out Even Chain’s music video for their song “Great White Buffalo” and preorder A Lot Like War when it is available!

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