Blacklist Union Interview

1.For those who don’t know you, can you introduce yourself and state your role in the band?
I am Tony West, the singer of the band.

2.Describe each member of the band in 3 words.
Tall, dark, & handsome.

3.Tony West - EDITED Singing close up.JPGHow would you describe your music to people listening to it for the first time?
I would describe it as street rock and music you can fuck to, drink to, and drive real fast to. Music that will leave you touched, moved, & inspired.

4.Back in March, you released your music video for your song “Evil Eye,” what kind of responses have the music video and the song itself gotten?
The single and video have have gotten a great response. People have sent me numerous emails saying they really connected etc.

BLU-Logo-1 (1).png5.You also have an album out right now entitled Back To Momo, how would you describe the album as a whole?
I would describe it as kick ass Rock ‘N’ Roll.

6.If you had to choose one song off of Back To Momo to show to someone checking out your band for the first time, which song would you pick? Why?
I would pick “Evil Eye” and it is because it’s our current single and really gives you a dose of what we can do.

7.What is one thing that you would like to say about “Evil Eye” or Back To Momo that you have not?
“Back to Momo” will propel us into relevance.

8.Why should people check out your band?
If they are hungry for real kick ass Rock N Roll then check out Blacklist Union.

9.Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to the people reading this?
I would like to say if anyone ever tells you that you can not do something, and it’s in your heart to do so, get rid of them.
Also, you have inside yourself all that you need and want. It’s not anywhere outside of yourself. Not in the car you drive, house you live in, your status, your prestige or your property. It exists in your heart and in your soul.

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