Borderlands Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Rui Martins – Singer
Hugo Capelo – Guitar
Yuri José – Guitar
Cristóvão Monteiro – Drums
Gonçalo Beco – Bass

2. Describe your band in 3 words.
United, friendly, dreamers.

3. How would you describe your music to people checking you out for the first time?
Every track is unique, pay attention to the lyrics and flow with the sound.

IMG_43814. You currently have a music video out for your song “Children of the Sun,” can you talk a bit about the music video itself and what went into making it?
A lot of people were confused about the video, which is pretty simple to understand.
The song talks about the loss of someone really close. In the video, a dragon appears, forcing the main character to run, that symbolizes something bad that happened, and you don’t know how to deal with it, so you run. Later in the video, the main character returns because he understands he can’t run anymore, and he will have to face reality someday, so he just embraces it.

5. You also have an album coming out called Voice Of The Voiceless, how would you describe the album overall?
Each track approaches something different, something that you may have experienced in your life. It’s our best work so far and we’ve put a lot of effort into this.
6. Why should people check out the album when it comes out?
Because you can actually learn something from it.

7. Which song off of the album is your favorite and why?
I can’t speak for the others but for myself, it is “Essencia,” track number 6.
I just love the melodies and good vibes of that song.

8. Why do you think people should check out your band?
We could be your new favourite band!

9. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would like to say to the people reading this?
If you like what you hear, feel free to send us a message. We try to always reply to everyone!

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