Conquer Divide Album Review

Six piece all female band Conquer Divide have released their self-titled album, Conquer Divide. Produced and engineered by Joey Sturgis (Of Mice & Men, Asking Alexandria), Conquer Divide as a whole has a lot to offer listeners and sets the bar high for future releases.

Conquer Divide Cover AlbumKicking off the album with a strong start, “Sink Your Teeth Into This” features Denis Stoff of Asking Alexandria. The song gives the listener a sneak peak of what is to come for the rest of the tracks, without giving too much away. Overall, “Sink Your Teeth Into This” is a song filled with power, intensity, and raw emotion. However, when the song slows down it seems to take a step back from all the intensity that has been built up thus far. This allows the emotions contained within the lyrics to take a step forward, especially when Stoff’s vocals are combined into the mix.

“What’s Left Inside” is a song that offers another look at Conquer Divide and what they have to offer. Showcasing a softer side of the band, “What’s Left Inside” takes a more subtle, yet equally as powerful, approach to the band’s sound. The song begs the questions “what’s left inside” and “are you happy now,” while at the same time it demonstrates and motivates the decision, along with some of the struggles, of making a negative situation positive.

Although I enjoyed all of the songs on the album, the closing song, “Broken,” would have to be my favorite. Each of the songs off of the album seemed to offer another side of the band and showcase their talent in a new light. Offering hints of PVRIS and Asking Alexandria, Conquer Divide has a lot to offer. As a whole, I really enjoyed the album and look forward to hearing more from this band. I would definitely recommend you to check out Conquer Divide and their self-titled release.

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