Astraphobia “Last December” – Album Review

Florida alternative rock band Astraphobia released their full length album Last December back in November. Comprised of members Kyle Krtausch (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jon Patch (lead guitar), Tyler Krtausch (drums), Brandon Gray (bass guitar), the album showcases their great talent and potential as a band throughout each song.

coverThe title track “Last December,” introduces the album with its powerful riffs and its attention demanding beginning. The vocals are soon combined into the mix and aid in the build up of power and intensity within the song. At the same time the vocals seem to subtly pull at a strong, emotional feeling that seems to be buried within the lyrics. In addition, “Last December” offers a small peak at the rest of the album and what is yet to come.

The next song, “Blood,” continues where “Last December” seems to have left off, but is able to escalate in power and intensity. “Going Hollow” provides another look at the band and what they have to offer with its more melodic and emotional feel.

Following “Going Hollow” was their song “Runaway,” which was quick to get stuck in my head. From start to end, the song commands the listener’s attention and when combined with Kyle Krtausch’s vocals, “Runaway” created a feeling of strong passion and authority woven into not only the lyrics, but also the music as a whole. This song also reminded me bit of a rock band called HotStop from California that we interviewed back in March.

Last December concludes with the song “In the Clutches…” that offers a completely new look at the band. “In the Clutches…” is the most melodic of all of the songs off of the full length and is quick to create a calmer feel. The final song keeps the listener in its clutches, making it the perfect conclusion to an awesome album.

Overall, I really enjoyed each song of Last December, but would have to say my favorite song would have to be either “Last December” or “Going Hollow.” In addition, I look forward to hearing more from Astraphobia in the future! I would definitely recommend you check out this album and maybe even catch a show or two if they are ever in an area near you!

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