Victor Love “Technomancy” Album Review

Kicking off with the first track “Bitchcraft,” featuring KMFDM, Victor Love’s new solo album Technomancy is set to be released through Metropolis Records on May 6. All ten songs on the album feature a different special guest, such as; Deathstars, Army Of The Universe, The Enigma TNG, and others.

VL_Album_CoverThe first song, “Bitchcraft,” was released on April 15 and is quick to catch the listener’s attention. It starts off with a soft electronic beat that gradually grows into a strong and demanding sound that will have those listening jamming along in no time. “Bitchcraft,” from the very beginning, is a powerful and dynamic song that seems like the natural choice as the song that introduces and sets the tone for the rest of the album. In addition, it creates an effortless transition into the next song, “Irrationally” featuring Spiritual Front.

Each of the songs on the album, Technomancy, seems to vary in style and intensity. “Surrenders” featuring Deathstars started off rather subtly when compared to the song previous to it, “Cocaine,” yet “Surrenders” still packed a powerful punch. Although it was perhaps one of the softest songs on the album, the song had a lot to offer as it gradually grew in not only volume, but also intensity. As “Surrenders” went on, it seemed to become more powerful and demanding of the listener’s attention, while maintaining a subtle, almost spellbinding sound that captivates the listener.

All in all, I really enjoyed Victor Love’s Technomancy and cannot wait for others to take a listen to it! I would highly recommend giving this album a chance and your full attention. From the beginning to the end, I found myself captivated in the music and having a hard time choosing just one song to be my favorite!



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