Dawn of Ashes Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
My name is Kristof Bathory and I am the vocalist, mastermind, and main music composer.

2. Describe your band in 3 words.
Heavy, Powerful, and Melodic.

3. How would you describe your upcoming album Theophany?
The definition of ‘Theophany’ is a visible manifestation of a deity. In the Left Hand Path, the main goal for the practitioner is to reach a level of self deification through various tasks of discipline. Once you can reach a powerful state of being, you will be able to look into your own reflection and see a transformation into god form. This is what the album represents.

Theophany_artwork4. What should people expect when they first listen to this album?
I definitely feel that DOA fans and newer fans will be pleasantly surprised with this album. Every single son is powerful and holds deep philosophical meaning that will bring some sort of enlightenment to the viewer(s). The fusion of Extreme Metal and Industrial blends quite well. However, I also have no desire to accommodate to anyone’s requests on what they except from the music anymore. The creation of this album was purely made to please my likings and to educate the viewers on a path that is very misunderstood. I have no desire to please anyone anymore or to make changes for others to feel comfortable about the current state of the music. Not to say that I don’t care what my fans think, I just don’t care about negative statements about what people want from the music. It is what it is, and I myself am very pleased with this album.

5. What song off of this album would you say is your favorite and why?
In my opinion the best song is titled “Enter the Vortex.” The music and lyric content is extremely majestic sounding. Everything that I have ever wanted in a Dawn of Ashes song is structured perfectly in this track. The lyrics represent the chaos theory. Forcing yourself to learn how to rule the duel forces of chaos and learning how to control the energy in the vortex of life. Choosing your own throne within your own hell. Musically it’s heavy, melodic, and brutal as fuck.

6. You recently released your lyric video for your song “Tribe of Chemosh,” can you tell me a bit about the song?
Chemosh was a mythological deity in the Moabite culture of the Ancient East. This war God was the enemy of the Hebrew God ‘Yahweh’. Since it would take me forever to go through the whole historical story behind Chemosh, I will just explain in a metaphorical simple explanation. The Hebrew religion was the first monotheistic religion that corrupted the first Pantheon religions of the Ancient East and ended up creating a long history of corrupted religions that followed this dogmatic path. This song represents the rise of an era where monotheism is slaughtered by the origins of the ancient ways that were once buried by holy corruption.

7. Why should people check out your band?
I think we live in a really bad era where there are limited bands/artists that hold any valuable meaning. I am not going to write how fucking amazing our music is or stroke our ego, but I will say that we bring a path of enlightenment to the table and that is what is valuable to us.

8. Thank you for doing this interview! Before we go, is there anything that you would wish to say to the people reading this?
Thank you to all the fans who have stuck with us through good and hard times. That have always believed in us and keep this band breathing. You are the blood in this vessel. Cheers!

Band Links-

Album available (here)


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