BackWordz “Statism” – Music Video (Featuring Craig Mabbitt)

Hip-Hop/Metal band BackWordz released their music video for their song “Statism” on April 20, 2016. “Statism” features Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate and packs a powerful punch in the band’s effort to get their message and ideas across to the audience.

“…We gave our audience a jab with ‘Utopias Don’t Exist’ and now we are throwing straight haymakers. As far as lyrical content, Statism IS BackWordz and it sets the tone for what exactly this band stands for. Alex and I are hardcore libertarians and we want to spread the message of liberty within our music, as well as speak on the dangers of The State…,” Eric July of BackWordz said.

The Texas band brings to the table a unique sound that shows their immense talent through their song “Statism” and create something that can be rarely heard. Filled with a powerful message, “Statism” is worth the listen.

“Very grateful I was asked to contribute to such a great song, Backwordz is a breath of fresh air to me, hope everyone enjoys the track as much as I do and LISTENS cause Eric has got some shit to say!!!” Craig Mabbitt of Escape The Fate said.

The song is off of their upcoming album Veracity that will be out some time this summer. The music video for “Statism” was directed by Albert Gonzalez.

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