The Aesthetic – “Abandoned Homes” – Album Review

Last month, Seattle alternative rock band The Aesthetic released their debut EP Abandoned Homes. The five song EP will have listeners entranced until the very end through the almost hypnotic quality that both the instrumentals and vocals provide. In addition, the EP features a three part story through the songs: “Act I: Ten Thousand Screens,” “Act II: Full Circle” and “Act III: Come Home to Me.”

Vocalist Michael Neil said in an interview with LivingTheVanLife back in March, which you can check out (here): “I hope it opens the eyes of those ignorant to mental illnesses and demolish the stigmas that cause those who suffer from them due to the fact that they are ashamed to get help,” about what he hopes people will take from the EP.

“Act III: Come Home to Me” had a certain nostalgic rock feel to it that quickly caught my attention. The vocals and lyrics are filled with such emotion, perhaps even a hint of desperation, through which the vocals begin to pull at one’s heart strings and as a result the lyrics stick with the listener after just one listen. On the other hand, “Act I: Ten Thousand Screens” stood out as one of my favorites with its intense moments and the echolike feel that is created within the song as it comes to the end and eventually fades away.

Overall, I enjoyed the EP and each of the songs on it. I look forward to seeing what the future holds for this band and hearing their future releases! If you are looking for an EP that you can listen to over and over again, I would highly recommend you check out The Aesthetic’s Abandoned Homes.

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