The Aesthetic – Top 5 Greatest Albums

The Aesthetic’s Top 5 Albums-

1. Taking back Sunday – pretty much any album as they are all extremely fun to sing along to.
2. Sublime – Greatest Hits has been a favorite since I was 7. Again, extremely fun to sing along to.
3. Modern Day Babylon – Traveler. *this one is very recent for me but the musicianship in this is one of the most well thought out albums, front to back, I’ve ever heard. Everything blends so well together and all the little details are so meticulous and insanely spot on. The feeling and emotion behind the guitars hits you like a brick house. You. Can tell the guy was feeling it when he jammed it out.
4. AFI – Sing the Sorrow. Go ahead and say something about how this album was a sellout for them… I don’t agree in the slightest. Davey Havoks voice and lyrics has its own unique factors that really brought me in. This album was a heavy turning point for me into the metal/hardcore realm.
5. Adele – 21. If you don’t like Adele then you are probably deaf. If her voice was a person I’d marry it no questions asked. I’d let it abuse me. Her power and soul is insane.

And if you won’t accept that album, because you’re lame, then I would put Paramore – Riot! or Brand New Eyes. Hayley Williams voice is another one of those extremely powerful voices that I’d marry, no question. The note at 2:37 in All I Wanted off Brand New Eyes is beautiful.

1. Killswitch Engage- End of Heartache
*Favorite band
*My first experience with being directly influenced in songwriting
2. Bury Your Dead- Beauty and the Breakdown
*Fantastic all the way through (Fully consistent)
*Heavy as hell
3. Parkway Drive- Horizons
*Adam D. produced it
*Fantastic production and great songwriting
4. The Agony Scene- The Darkest Red
*High energy and progressive
*Different, yet great production
5. Nickelback- Dark Horse
*Some of the best production ever
*Fantastic and dynamic songwriting

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