The Aesthetic – 5 Facts About Each Member

This week on LivingTheVanLife, we are featuring the band The Aesthetic! Read on to find out 5 random/interesting facts about members Michael Neil and Zac Monte!

1. I can’t bring myself to use the 0 or 5 buttons on a microwave. The time has to end with anything but those two.
2. When it comes time to leave a place, I’m really bad at goodbyes. It always leads for an awkward exit on my part.
3. I’m also not good at giving and receiving compliments and apologies. So I guess I’m just the most socially awkward, social butterfly you will ever meet.
4. When I was a child I wanted to be a monkey or a ninja when I grew up.
5. Number 4 changed when I got jumped by four ninjas during my sophomore year….. True story.

1. I don’t catch or get sarcasm. It leads for some awkward situations.
2. I can leg press over 1000 pounds.
3. I used to write music while sitting on a toilet, taking care of business, with an acoustic guitar.
4. I probably drink more coffee and green tea than water.
5. I haven’t had a soda in over 2 years.

Want to find out more about The Aesthetic? Check out their must see places in Seattle here.

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