The Aesthetic – Must See Seattle

We recently caught up with Seattle, WA band The Aesthetic to find out their must visit places in Seattle:

“Obviously, when one comes to Seattle they have to visit the Pike Place Market. It has a bunch of delicious food, cool souvenirs, and local artists selling their work. I once bought a working replica of the Ocarina of Time from the Legend of Zelda.

The “original Starbucks” is located down at the market but don’t waste your time. It’s just another Starbucks. Plus the original one burned down a long time ago, so it isn’t actually the original.

The EMP is a killer museum for anyone interested in pop culture. They have exhibits dedicated to music, video games, movies and TV, along with a huge selection of interactive pieces. The Nirvana exhibit is amazing. When Zac was up recording with me we went and it was completely worth the money.

Capitol Hill is a solid go to if you are down to party.

I have lived in Seattle for five years and have never been to the top of the space needle so I can’t inform you on that.”

Check back to LivingTheVanLife everyday this week to find out more about our band of the week, The Aesthetic!

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