Downfall 2012 Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
I’m Danny, I play guitar and sing and command Downfall 2012. I also play a giant oil drum and whatever else the guys will let me put my hands on.

2. In 3 words, describe your band members.
Casey, Boo, and Danny

3. If the band were in a horror movie, what roles would each member play and who would make it to the sequel?
Oh man, okay! Oh, that’s funny, that’s a crazy question! I think Boo would live to make it to the sequel. He’d probably be the tough guy that survives. I’m probably the first to die and Casey would probably get pretty close, but I don’t think the crowd would like him enough to watch him in a whole second movie.

4. How would you describe your music to people checking you out for the first time?
I think that we are a healthy mix of a lot of different components. You’ll hear an active rock, metal, and punk. We’re a three part vocal lead though, so that’s what sets us apart from a lot of what is out there. Just think a male version of the Dixie Chicks, with metal.

5. When people come out to your shows, what should they expect?
To be entertained, I mean that’s something this band prides itself on. I don’t know how familiar you are with what we do on stage, but we really work hard to make sure, whether or not you are already a fan of the genre of music we are playing, that you are captivated from beginning to end of our show and 100% entertained and leave inspired. And perhaps if you are not a fan of the genre initially, you are willing to investigate some of the other bands out there doing it.

6. So far as a band, what has been your most memorable or favorite moment?
I think that as a band, this line up together is going on close to a decade, there have been countless memories. I think that probably the happiest we’ve been in general is out on the road and more specifically last year we had the pleasure of being out on the road for a little longer than we have been in a while. We did almost 3 months on the road with the Otep camp and some of our absolute, if not our fondest, memories of our musical career were shared in that experience.

7. What is in the works right now for Downfall 2012? What should people be on the lookout for?
We have a record called Every Man For Himself which we have been releasing since 2012 and we were supposed to wrap it up so many times, but we keep getting these golden
opportunities that we can’t pass on and it just keeps getting pushed back. Essentially, the record was supposed to be broken into three parts, each with a comic book that told the story of the music. We got two parts deep and then things just get really exciting for us and we haven’t been able to wrap it up, so the newBoo Rogers plan is to release the entire body of work with the third part intact, along with the first and second, and then discontinue the printing of the first and the second and the accessibility of them, and just release the whole story, along with the comic book with it. We are about three songs away from being completely finished with it. We are just right at the end of a mix down and we just have to figure out when we are going to release it and what keeps getting in the way is we keep considering going on tours. We are in connection with a number of different bands that are out there, that are notable and seasoned on the road and we are having to decide if it makes more sense to go on the road again or to prioritize getting this album completely finished and that’s kind of where we are at. Either way, the record is coming. We are supposed to be shooting video in the next couple months and then after that it will be touring until the very next record which we are writing currently.

8. You have a couple music videos out right now; can you pick one and kind of explain it a bit?
“Divinity” is the first song that I think as a band really made the impact that has transformed us into where we are now and transitioned us from a local band that’s figuring ourselves out into a band that’s refined and ready to be shared across the country and beyond. It’s also the first music video that we put out from the Every Man For Himself series. The video is pretty awesome. The concept is tied into the story. So there’s this confusing introduction to the video where there’s this creepy gas masked character, that’s completely covered intentionally to not reveal what anything really about this individual, other that it’s just a standard figure covered from head to toes in black and a gas mask and driving a van with some abstract noise. Anyways, the video is just pretty much the three of us captured in three different scenarios: tied up, literally, and this character is led to be believed to be the villain in the video, but as the video progresses you almost get a sense of evil coming off of the three of us, so I think that by the end it is kind of hard to judge who the good guys and the bad guys are. That was our intention for the video. We shot it here in Huston. We have a recording studio that’s conjoined with a huge storage facility and we shot it in house with our producer Jim Finley, he’s also a videographer and did just an incredible job. Almost no budget and almost no experience and if you watch the video, I think most people will rate it right up there with the big dogs. It was a cool video; it was real exciting to put it out. We have since put out a couple others; one very connected as a prequel to the “Divinity” song that’s called “Face to Face” and it kind of shows you some of the things that occurred prior. Again, this is all tied to the comic that goes with our music. Then another video that kind of just has hints of relevance that we shot at a dive bar here in Huston that we play at sometimes, pretty cool.

9. If your band was stranded on a deserted island and in order to survive you had to eat one member, who in the band would you eat? What would be the survival method after that?
There are only three of us! That is a horrible question! That’s seriously terrible, but you have to figure, Boo already eats Casey alive everyday so and Casey is more of the good looking guy and fit guy in the band, so I feel like he would probably taste the best, so me and Boo would have to eat Casey, unfortunately. We would be forced to live with each other which is actually worse than getting eaten by the other band members, so Casey would be the lucky one in that equation.

10. Why should people check out your band, what makes you different?

We play on buckets…like I said before, we pride ourselves on a stage show that we try to make as entertaining as we can. There’s a wide variety of different kinds of performances that this band does. When we go on the road, we are your standard aggressive, punk, rock, metal band, whatever, but we like to throw in curve balls. We play on these bucket racks that we created so it’s like this Stomp almost Blue Man Group type situation that we will throw sporadically throughout the set anDownfall 2012 - Buckets and Barrelsd then there’s this lengthy breakdown in the middle that will introduce several different instruments that we built ourselves and then also we will bring in a didgeridoo, beat boxing, and rapping, whatever we can really kind of do to get the energy up. Then usually we will seal the show with some type of cover that you wouldn’t expect this type of band to do. We know probably around in the realm of 100 songs that a majority of them would probably never fit within our genre, but that’s kind of the quirkiness of the band. We like to be extremely dynamic and we like to be entertaining to anyone that’s there, 1 or 1000, but we want to keep as many people that we can in front of the stage and that’s why we are there, so the people who are out there are like ‘we are just going to do our thing,’ that’s cool, but we like to take it to the next level.

11. Thank you for doing this interview, before we go is there anything that you would like to say to the people that are going to be reading this?
I think thank you is the primary. If you are reading this and checking it out, then thank you so much for playing a role in the music industry, playing a good role in the music industry, because that’s just something that I’ve really come to discover in the last couple years, but more specifically in the last few months. There’s a lot going on behind the scenes in this camp and a lot of good, but there’s a lot of bullshit that goes on that a lot of people don’t know about and its really disheartening at times, so people like you, you specifically that I’m talking to and then those people who are reading this right now and the people who are still coming to shows, still buying records, supporting their local bands, supporting their regional touring bands, you guys are the good part of the music industry, maybe the only good part left, so thank you so much. That’s a subject that I’m probably going to talk a lot more on in the coming months because I think that I’m very blest to perform with the musicians that I do and to have the team that I have: Yvonne Laughlin, Jim Finley, Casey and Boo, Alex Tomic, Todd Gail, all this different people that play a huge role, Wendy Shepherd, that help us just do our thing and they’re all like the angels and the beautiful part of an industry that is actually run primarily by pieces of shit, that’s not very positive, but it actually is, because you guys are here. You took the time out of your night to talk to me, you don’t know a whole lot about me, but I hope that before too long we’re friends and well acquainted, because people like you are keeping this industry positive.


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