FERO LUX Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Dave, guitar

2. Describe another member in 3 words.
Nick, hes a talented, intelligent beast.

3. How would you describe your music to people checking you out for the first time?
Your dad will hate you. Mathy ,heavy , not listener friendly (though we the love the band “Listener”), Botch, glassjaw-ish stuff. For people who listen to the radio we say: “you know how system of a down is so heavy??? Welllllll, we absorb space cocaine thru our elbows and piss cocaine-cosmo-lightning (its a real thing) into your ear holes. (Hole is horrible.)” Seriously though, we just say its mathy, heavy, hardcore stuff.

4. You released No Rest on March 25th, how would you describe this album?
This album is a very good representation of us, more so than any other release. We had 17 songs ready to go and went with 12. Most of the songs we had sat on for a while when we thought we were dealing with good people. We would’ve released this a long time ago, so its a huge relief to finally have this out and with the right people. The album is moody,stressed out and heavy. I think its heavier than our other releases. It reflects our journey up to now.

Check out No Rest here: https://soundcloud.com/fero-lux/sets/fero-lux-no-rest-pre-release

5. Is there a moment while making No Rest that sticks out to you as your favorite or most memorable?
When we get together we are laughing our asses off 90 % of the time. I hate recording, the outtakes are my favorite. We had fun making recording this.

6. Which song off of the album is your favorite and can you go into detail and describe it?
“Year of the Gnat” makes me happy. Nick (drums) and I shitted this song outta nowhere at a practice and it was very natural. Recording it was easy. I was wondering how the vocals would turnout because they didn’t exist until a few days before recording it. Vic does good under pressure. We had friends from a band called The Thieving Hand come do group vocals and had fun putting it together.

7. Why should people check out No Rest?
Because FERO LUX is for the children.

8. If the band was trapped in a horror movie, what would each member’s role be and who would make it to the sequel?
It would be like the Human Centipede. I’m in the front. You know the rest. No sequels, just never ending centipede.

9. What should people be on the lookout for from you in the future?
Crabs. Regional tours. And a 5 song EP next year if all goes according to plan.

10. Thank you for doing this interview! Is there anything you wish to say to the people reading this?
Thanks for reading and listening. Go out and vote. Not just for president but Vote for the senators and congressman that will best support your choice of leader or else nothing will get done.


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