Wildways “Into The Wild” Album Review

Russian band Wildways will be releasing their full length Into The Wild on March 25, 2016, through Artery Recordings. Wildways is a five piece metalcore/hardcore band. Check out our interview with the band (here).

WILDWAYS(1)Into The Wild as a whole is filled with multiple genres. No one song seems to sound the same as the one before it. The first song, “Skins,” sounds a bit like Asking Alexandria, while another song, “Faka Faka Yeah,” sounds more like Attila. While most of the songs do have a metalcore/hardcore sound, “Princess” and “Wings” stand apart from the rest of the songs as they have a more electronic sound to them. The band’s diversity in sound easily sets their release apart from other bands. Listeners to this album can find songs to like within their favorite genre or within another genre.

The first song, “Skins,” was one of my favorites off of the release. “Skins” starts with a soft, mellow feel, but gradually increases in its intensity and is filled with powerful melodies that perked my interest. “3 Seconds To Go” was another song off of the album that caught my ear. The song starts off with great intensity and passionate sounding vocals, and contains a catchy chorus.

For a song with a fun, party-like feel, check out Wildways’ new music video for the song “Faka Faka Yeah” below!

Overall, I really enjoyed Wildways new full length Into The Wild, and I look forward to seeing what else they have instore for the future! I highly recommend fans of many different genres check them out as there is a little something for everyone.



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