Awaken The Shadow “Life Beyond The Curse” – Album Review

ATS_-_LifeBeyondTheCurse_-_ALBUM_ARTNew York based band Awaken The Shadow released their new album Life Beyond The Curse today (March 11, 2016).

The unsigned rock band’s release kicks off with the eerie sounding, “Dreaming, 6ft Deep.” The first quarter of the track is filled with a mysterious sound that reminded me a bit of the intro to the song “Lost It All” by Black Veil Brides. Following the intro to “Dreaming, 6ft Deep” vocalist, Taylor Paul, enters into the equation by adding to the almost eerie sound with his own hypnotic qualities within his vocals and within the lyrics.

“Sing My Song,” the eighth track off the album, caught my attention as soon as it began. The song starts off with an almost nostalgic feel before Paul’s vocals enter and take command. His vocals help to not only keep driving the song, but also lace the lyrics with powerful emotion and passion as the song progresses.

Overall, I really enjoyed Life Beyond The Curse and found it to be a rather intriguing album. When choosing my favorite song off of the album, I was torn between “Dreaming, 6ft Deep,” “Sing My Song,” and “The Hunter.” I would highly recommend that if you are looking for a band and album to check out, then you should definitely check out Awaken The Shadow and Life Beyond The Curse.



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