The Road Vikings Interview

 1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Dan Bryant, aka, Rock N’ Roll Ragnar: music director, lead singer, lead guitarist, and main songwriter

2. Describe another member of the band in one word.
Lisa Tonra (bass) – Perfection.

3. How did the band start, and how did the name, The Road Vikings, come about?
It was an idea forged in the 80s when I got my first Harley Davidson V-Twin and was listening to Judas Priest. I knew back then that I wanted a biker band. Biker parties had strictly blues bands at that time. Unfortunately, other musicians could not see my vision. The concept stayed in the back of my mind and finally came to light in 2010 when I decided to stop shaving and start wearing a Viking helmet to bed every night 🙂 LOL… That, combined with the need to get out on the road with the wind in my face, was the beginning of The Road Vikings. That was the easy part! The hardest part has been finding great players who shared my vision and had the tenacity to stick with the project. Honestly, we went through a couple dozen drummers alone before finding our current guy. Now we’ve got it locked in with Dave, and then Lisa on bass.

4. How would you describe your music to people checking you out for the first time?
Real singing, real guitar solos, real (memorable) songs. If you are a fan of hard rock you will be a fan of The Road Vikings.

5. You recently released Requiem of an Outlaw Biker. How would you describe this release as a whole?
It’s just a collection of songs that basically talk about a biker’s life, good stuff and bad: club politics, the negative press that goes with the biker lifestyle in general, the rush of being on two wheels on the open road. Yeah, we have a biker theme going, but the music is much more than that. All kinds of rock enthusiasts will like our songs.

6. When people listen to this album is there something specific you want them to take from it?
Sure! Our style may be considered ‘retro,’ but the material is commanding in the quality and in the delivery of the songs. You can say that The Road Vikings have hit the ‘refresh’ button in rock!

7. What is your favorite song off Requiem of an Outlaw Biker, and can you explain or describe it?
My personal favorite tune is “Headwind.” There comes a day for all of us when you have to admit you were wrong about something, and this song does just that. It’s also a tune that is very ‘easy on the ears.’ You can hear it once and just ‘get it.’ I was in Germany recently, and one of our cab drivers loved it as well. Other fan favorites on this release are “Full Moon,” as well as the title track, “Requiem of an Outlaw Biker.”

8. Blog Question: If the band was stranded on a desert island and in order to survive you had to eat another band member, whom in the band would you eat first?
Well, that’s easy…everyone knows that you eat the drummer (Dave) first! (Although he is a little guy with not a lot of meat on ‘em…LOL).

9. What should people be on the lookout for from The Road Vikings in the future?
We’ve got the first of two 5-song EP’s planned for release in late 2016, both with a true European Power Metal sound and feeling. It’s an absolute evolution in our direction and message. Look for the first of those around November. We will also be touring to support our current release, both in the US and in Europe. We encourage our fans to check us out on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram for upcoming show and tour dates!

10. Why should people check out the band? What makes The Road Vikings different?
We consider ourselves larger-than-life cartoon characters. Think of Gwar on steroids! We really throw it down at our live shows, and have props – including a REAL Viking throne – that will blow people’s minds!

11. Thank you for doing this interview! Any final words to the people reading?
Sure…’try harder, don’t give a crap about what other people think, (and above all), BE the party!



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