Wildways Interview

1. For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Hey sup, I’m Toli and I sing in Wildways!

2. Describe another member in one word.
Aaaahm, our drummer Kery – he’s “Daddy”. Cause he’s super serious every time and if you have any problems or questions you can ask him about all =)

3. How would you describe your music to people listening to it for the first time?
Something special with unique Russian accent.

4. You have your album Into The Wild coming out of March 25, what do you want to say about it?
I would like to say that I really can’t fucking wait for this release anymore. It has been soooo long of a time and I just want to upload that and read the comments.

5. What should people expect when they listen to this album for the first time?
All the songs are sooo different, and you probably will only like 1 song because all other songs are out of your genre. But I hope we will continue to write different songs to increase our audience for all!

6. What is your favorite song off of the album and why?
All the way the first song “Skins”. It’s not gonna be a most famous song from the record, but for me it’s something big and amazing. And I’ll never forget how we recorded gang vocals in the end with my boys, because we all were really drunk…sooo drunk.

7. Do you have a favorite or most memorable moment from recording Into The Wild?
Read previous answer haha. Probably the best moment of this record was, when I heard 1st mix after we have finished 1st song with vocals. It was crazy cause our producer made just an amazing and fast job. He’s a wizard.

8. Current most popular question: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, who in the band would live the longest and who would die first?
Sergios (guitar) will die 1st all the way, hahah sorry man. And probably Kery (drummer) will live the longest.

9. Why should people check out your music, how are you different?
Just because we have an amazing “Teddy Bear” member like Sergio (guitar) Check his photo out.

10. Thank you for doing the interview! Before we go, is there anything you want to say to the people reading this?
I’m doing this interview and here’s really cold and snowy outside in Russia, but it’s already MARCH. Can’t wait for summer.



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