DieTrich Thrall (Beauty In The Suffering) Interview

1. For those who do not know you, can you introduce yourself a bit?
My name is DieTrich Thrall and I produce, write, program, perform, and vocalize everything in my new band Beauty In The Suffering. The only thing I don’t play are live drums but I usually program those before bringing in some of my talented friends to cover.

2. You are currently working on Beauty In The Suffering, how would you describe BITS for people looking to check it out for the first time?
That’s such a hard thing to narrow down. I think for the introductory phase we have focused on some up tempo in-your-face tracks. There’s a bit more diversity once you browse through our demo catalog. I have no idea how to pinpoint a genre and if you put me on the spot I call what we do heavy electronic rock and/or hard rock with elements of metal. It’s really something for you to decide.

3. Recently, Beauty In The Suffering put out a teaser for the upcoming EP, how would you describe what BITS has in store for 2016?
Well, 2016 is a lot of payoff for all the work we have been doing since we started working to visualize this project since 2013. Some of the videos have been done for a bit and we just held on to them to accumulate media. At this point we have a stack of zombie and horror themed music videos at a level of quality that a major label band would be jealous of. We’re Coming For You!

4. Last year, you toured with DOYLE, how would you describe that experience?
It was fun! Got to meet a bunch of new friends and fans that are taking the step from horror punk to horror electronic rock.

5. Current most popular question: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, how long do you feel you would survive and how would you attempt to survive?
Probably not very long lol. I think a show like The Walking Dead, for example, for as grim as it may get from time to time, still makes it look far too easy to survive for an extended period of time. And it really wouldn’t be the same not having a civilized society to create in. It would be more about survival as opposed to expression the way I am used to. I’m not personally a very avid outdoors type person. A Nocturnal Techno-Bat would be a good description lol. But there’s always the possibility of adjusting so who knows. If we look at it like going a couple steps back to the Wild West maybe you would see me around a campfire jamming some acoustic guitar and getting back to that classic bit of singing for my supper thing.

6. What should people be on the lookout for from you in the near future?
Keep an eye out for our new music videos! We’re working on some summer tour dates too. Nothing confirmed just yet.

7. Thank you for doing the interview, before we go is there anything you want to say to the people reading this?
Thank you for having us! And thank you to all of our supporters! Keep up to date at our official site: And check out our songs on Youtube. Shoot us some feedback! We love hearing from everybody!

THE CRAZIES 2016 - 1500


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