Heretic’s Dream “Floating State Of Mind” Album Review

Heretics_Dream_Floating_State_of_Mind_AlbumHeretic’s Dream recently released their new album Floating State Of Mind on Feb. 12, 2016
through Sliptrick Records. The album starts off with the hard hitting sound of the drums at the beginning of the first song off the release, “Face The Agony,” which I found to not only be really catchy, but also really easy to get into. Because it was such an easy song for me to get into, I felt that it made the perfect song to start off with.

Each song on the release does have a different sound, but at the same time each song effectively transitions from track to track in a way that almost goes unnoticed. Floating State Of Mind concludes with the song “A New Session.” “A New Session” starts off powerful as it progresses until Francesca Di Ventura enters with the vocals and takes over control.

Overall, I liked each of the songs on the album and enjoyed listening to it over and over again. When picking out a favorite song, I would have to say that my favorite is between “Soul Driven,” “Momentum,” and “Master Your Demons.” I would recommend this that people check out Heretic’s Dream and Floating State Of Mind and I cannot wait to see what is next for them in the future!

Read our interview with Heretic’s Dream (here)



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