Heretic’s Dream Interview

1. For those who do not know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Hi everyone, I’m Francesca Di Ventura, Heretic’s Dream vocalist.

2. Describe another member in one word.
Andrej Surace (the guitarist): creativity.

3. How did you decide on the name Heretic’s Dream?
Andrej and I were looking for a name that could represent how anarchic, revolutionary we are on our vision of music: there are no boundaries, we want to experiment, cross over genres and styles. Yet, music belongs to a dreaming dimension.

4. If you had to describe your music to someone checking your band out for the first time, how would you describe your music?
A music adventure, a journey into emotions for open minded people.

5. You are releasing Floating State of Mind on February 12, what should people expect when they listen to it?
Not to be able to guess what’s coming after. Each song follows its own path, still keeping an overall identity which is the reading key of the album. It’s a flow of feelings questioning the dichotomy of human being.

6. How is this release different from your 2013 release Walk the Time?
“Walk the time” could be easily placed into the goth/melodic metal wave. “Floating state of mind” is a trip into music freedom, it is a step forward in terms of our maturity and consciousness.

7. Is there an overlying theme for the album and/or is there a certain song off of the album that carries the most meaning behind it?
As said, the album touches dichotomy of human soul in several aspects. Maybe “Pilgrim” can be considered as the album “manifesto”, so quoting its chorus “You’ll have to get lost/To love you will hate/To feel safe you will know the fear/To touch the Heaven you will burn in hell”. Or quoting “Momentum”: “Dawn and sunset, you are/Angel and evil/Pain and joy, you are/Light and dark”. I feel the human nature is dual, and only by accepting it one can really walk his path on this life.

8. Which song is your favorite off of Floating State of Mind and what about it makes it your favorite?
We chose “Secret Place” for the video as we feel it represents the prog mood of the album, it has a peculiar chorus and that decadent, dark atmosphere that we love.

9. Most popular question: If the band was stranded on a deserted island and the only way to survive was to eat another member of the band, who would you eat and what would be your method of survival after that?
Oh Gosh, what a horrible situation…….I’ve got to say I really love the current line-up, I guess I could never eat any of them….Most probably they would eat me (even if there is not so much fat on me…)

10. Why should people check out your band?
All reviewers of the new album agree on the fact we really are different. People who are tired of listening always to the same music and of buying albums where after the second track you already know all the story, should have a listen to us.

11. What should people be on the lookout for from Heretic’s Dream?
We will keep going on our experimental attitude, making music only and when we really have something to say.

12. Thank you for doing this interview, before we go is there anything you want to say to the people reading this?
We’d appreciate your support and energy flowing towards us, so please follow us. Thank you!



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