Rome Hero Foxes “For When You’re Falling Backwards” Album Review

lkmProgressive indie-rock band Rome Hero Foxes released their new album For When You’re Falling Backwards under Esque Records on January 24. The first song, “Falling Out,” immediately sets the tone for the entire album and gives the listener a subtle hint of what is to come. As the album progresses from song to song, it becomes more and more evident towards the raw passion and emotion that is woven within and between the vocals and instrumentals. C.j. Burton’s vocals blend into the instrumentals in a melodic almost hypnotizing in the way that he effortlessly draws the listener in and captures their attention. His voice transitions between melodic and intense in a way that feels natural and like its signifying all of the emotion that has built up thus far that is finally able to be released.
Personally, I would have to say my favorite song would have to be between “When We’re Older” and “The Cold.” Overall, I really enjoyed For When You’re Falling Backwards and every song on it. I would definitely recommend that if you have a chance that you check out the album and Rome Hero Foxes.



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