Feign “The New World Order” Album Review

Houston, Texas based band Feign released their album, “The New World Order,” back in December. With this new release the down-tempo/deathcore band pushes boundaries Feign2and standards. “The New World Order” is filled with snarling riffs that seem to effortlessly combine with vocalist Devin Sockwell’s forceful and powerful vocals. Sockwell’s vocals blend and mold with the slow yet harsh tempo throughout the album, alluring the listener to pay attention all the way from start to finish.

All in all, I feel that each song off of “The New World Order” has a lot to offer. While almost every song on the album seems to be driven by a powerful force, the last song is an exception. “The Less Fortunate” very well might be the most calm and laid back sounding song on the album. While it is mellower than the other songs, it still has the same underlying intensity and drive as the other songs on the album. As a whole I would highly recommend the album as one to check out.

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