Reign Eternal “Premonitions” Album Review


REIGNETERNAL_COVERReign Eternal’s new EP “Premonitions” makes a powerful impact from the intro all the way to the last song “Sins Of Epitaph.” Each song packs a hard punch and is filled with strong beats and even more resilient lyrics. Hailing from the UK, Reign Eternal and their song “Fighting Blind” (featuring Matt Stuart) have been making waves in
and out of the UK. The first song, “Fighting Blind” kicks hard from start to finish, follows up the intro with a great amount of intensity and passion.

By definition a premonition is an often strong feeling that something (often unpleasant) may happen. As a whole, I feel that the album in its entirety and each song individually, works to give off this sense of premonition lyrically and instrumentally. Take the fourth song “The Amendment” for example, right from the beginning it creates this feeling of weariness and builds up in its intensity in each note and lyric.

Standing out as my favorite song off the EP is “Sins Of Epitaph.” As the last song on the EP, I feel that it acts as the perfect resolution to an amazing album. Each song is chock-full of not only power and intensity, but also raw emotion that helps the EP to live up to its name “Premonitions.” If you are looking for a band or an album to che
ck out, I would definitely recommend that you take some time to check out Reign Eternal and their EP “Premonitions.”

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