Gallows Bound Interview

1. For those who do not know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?
Hello, Jordan here. Songwriter, lead female vocal, and acoustic guitar. And currently assuming the role of tour manager.

2. Describe another member of the band in one word.

3. In three words describe your music.
Appalachian Punk Bluegrass

4. Why should people check out your music? What sets you apart?
We poured our hearts into our latest album and a lot of our songs have strong meaning to us, but the intensity and energy doesn’t convey like our live performance. I’ve seen people shed a tear and I’ve seen circle pits at our shows. Our music is real. Its hand crafted and it’s forged from genuine conviction and its interesting to see what resonates with people.

5. You are currently out on tour, how is that going so far?
Its going great so far. We are making our way out of the wintery cold and will be in Florida tomorrow.

6. Has there been a moment or memory on this tour that has stood out the most?
We’re only 5 days into the tour. Our bass player had a root canal on day 2. We stayed in an old hospital turned apartment on day 3 and I got attacked by a toilet cat. Its always an adventure…

7. What are your top 3 must have tour items?
Poo-Pourri, for when a person is kind enough to let six strangers crash at their house and they only have one bathroom. Headphones are a must for the van and canceling out the blood curdling snores of our bass player. Anti bacterial wipes are good for cleaning off microphones and all the other grimy things we encounter, including ourselves.

8. Our most popular question on the blog right now: If the band was stranded on a deserted island and you had to eat another member of the band in order to survive, who would you eat and what would be your strategy after that?
I guess if I had to eat a band member it would be our bass player Aaron since he’s free range and grass fed (vegetarian). We just decided that our drummer would be the most ideal, but he’s our foodie so I feel like he would be helpful with seasoning and pairing Aaron with a complementary side dish.

9. What should people be on the lookout for from Gallows Bound?
Look out for us in your town! Especially our banjo player, he likes to run off. We’re planning on touring from now through the end of summer/early fall, scheduled to be at Pickin’ in the Pasture in VT on June 3&4 and Moonrunners Music Festival in Chicago on July 1-3 and working on more dates. We’ve been writing a lot of new material so we’re hoping to spend late fall and winter recording and gearing up to release a new album.

10. Thank you for doing this interview, before we go is there anything you want to say to the people reading this?
Thank you! We are so grateful to be kicking off our new year with this coast to coast tour. We have fallen in love with the experience of sharing our music and meeting so many awesome people in our travels. We’d love to see you at a show, keep an eye out on Facebook or track us on bandsintown for upcoming dates in your area.



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